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Daniel Fraile + Juanjo Soria

Arquivio Architects is a prize-winning architecture firm based in Madrid, but operating globally

Arquivio Architects has more than 20 years' experience and is composed of a multidisciplinary team that includes architects, masterplanners, engineers, and interior designers.


Our design principals

Daniel Fraile
Juanjo Soria

H.Mention 817 competitors

Gwangju Central Library
International Competition 2020 South Korea

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As a way to permanently hone our skills we frequently participate in anonynmous international architectural competitions. We love new challenges.

Our latest first prize win was a UIA competition to design the National Concert Hall in Vilnius, Lithuania, where we competed against more than 250 international teams.

1st Prize
Vilnius National Concert Hall

International Competition 2019 Lithuania


We have direct branches or partnerships in several countries: Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Teheran, Islamabad, Yaounde, Malabo, and more recently, Vilnius.

Mixed-Use Hotel + Apartments, Khobar
Private Commission 2016 KSA

We have created buildings for the public sector

Maria Luisa Theater Merida
National Competition Revision 2019 Spain

And also for the private sector

Hotel Renovation Fuerteventura
Private Commission 2008 Spain

We have projects at an Urban Scale, (XL)

1st Prize
Ebede Masterplan Yaounde
Private Competition 2013 Cameroun
1st Prize
Ebede Masterplan Yaounde
Private Competition 2013 Cameroun

And we especially enjoy the complexity of the large scale (L)

2000 housing and mixed use, Islamabad
Private commission 2020, Pakistan

Or the experimental possibilities of the medium scale (M)

Private Villa in Murcia
Private Commission 2018 Spain

But we never forget our roots, paying close attention to detail and taking care of the small scale (S)

Torres Blancas Interior Design
Private Commission 2018 Spain

We are not that obssessed with social media and we like maintaining our clients’ privacy.

We do miss teaching a lot, but since we are always travelling, that’s something we cannot really do right now.


We definitely enjoy visiting construction sites, everywhere, whatever the season, whatever the circumstances or the weather.

"We love our work"

J26 Villa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Private Commission 2015, UAE
arquivio architects logo

Arquivio Architects has currently 26 ongoing projects, collectively worth around 120 million euros, either under construction or in development.

Bio medical complex, Madrid
International competition 2019, Spain

20 Years

Daniel Fraile + Juanjo Soria